King Mihai discharged, transported to his private residence in Switzerland

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King Mihai of Romania has been discharged from the Lausanne medical clinic on Tuesday after being admitted for 17 days due to the serious cancer diagnosis. He was taken to his private residence in Switzerland where he will be under the doctors’ supervision, the doctors from the clinic next to his attending physicians.

According to a press release of the Royal House, the king’s condition is stable. “However, considering the seriousness of the diagnosis, the treatment and the recovery process will be long and will need a close supervision. Princess Elena will remain next to King Mihai and Queen Ana for the next days,” reads the release.

A team of the Royal House’s employees has been also detached in Switzerland at the king’s private residence.

At the same time, the Royal House states that at present, the Crown Princess Margareta is in permanent contact with the king and with the doctors’ team. She will continue to take her public commitments in Romania and will come back to Switzerland to visit her father.

King Mihai has been admitted to a medical clinic in Lausanne 17 days ago. Out of respect for His Majesty, the name of the clinic will note given to the public. The king is in a pronounced faintness condition and receives treatment on a regular basis. His condition is stationary for the moment and the doctors say that his evolution is relatively stable,” the Royal House informed back then.

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