King Mihai I, celebrated by over 1,000 people at Elisabeta Palace


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Approximately 1.200 people have celebrated on Wednesday at Elisabeta Palace in Bucharest, King Mihai I, for his birthday and name day, the participants at this event having been greeted by Romania’s Royal Family at midday.

King Mihai I has invited the Romanians from our country and the Republic of Moldova who wanted to wish him “Happy Birthday”  at the “Open Doors” event taking place at Elisabeta Palace.

Thus, starting 11.00, hundreds of people have headed towards Elisabeta Palace in Bucharest, to be next King Mihai I, who on October 25 has turned 93. At the same time, on November 8, on the day celebrating the Saints Michael and Gabriel, King Mihai I has celebrated his name day.

A few minutes before 12 o’clock, King Mihai I went out on Elisabeta Palace balcony, alongside crown heir Princess Margareta and Prince Radu. They saluted the people while the “Army’s Representative Music” band was playing the Royal Anthem.

The appearance of King Mihai I at the balcony of Elisabeta Palace drew rounds of applause from the crowd which was filling the garden of the Royal Family’s residence.

The event has had also a surprise moment, 200 pigeons having been released from another balcony of the palace, while King Mihai was greeting the people.

The event at Elisabeta Palace ended at around 12.20, when the smiling and enthusiastic crowd left the garden of the residence of the Royal Family in Bucharest.

King Mihai – Iohannis lunch

President Klaus Iohannis was greeted at his arrival at Elisabeta Palace by Princess Margareta, whom he offered flowers, as well as by Prince Radu. Iohannis told them that the invitation represented a great pleasure and honor for him. Iohannis arrived at Elisabeta Palace shortly before 13 o’clock.

According to the representatives of the Elisabeta Palace, King Mihai I and President Iohannis were having a private lunch together for an hour, also attended by Princess Margareta and Prince Radu.

The invitation to this private lunch was addressed by King Mihai. This was the first meeting between King Mihai and Klaus Iohannis.

Royal dinner

His Majesty will also give a dinner on Thursday, November 20, in the honor of eleven ex-presidents of Central and Eastern Europe, on the occasion of 25 years since the communism fall.

According to the Royal Family, Lech Walesa, Poland’s president (1990 – 1995), Emil Constantinescu, Romania’s president (1996-2000), Pet?r Stoyanov, Bulgaria’ president (1997 – 2002), Stanislav Shushkevich, Belarus president (1991 – 1994), Sali Berisha, Albania’s president (1992 – 1997), Petru Lucinschi, R.Moldova’s president (1996 – 2001), Rexhep Meidani, Albania’s president (1997 – 2002), Rudolf Schuster, Slovakia’s president (1999 – 2004) Boris Tadic, Serbia’s president (2004 – 2012), Viktor Iushcenko, Ukraine’s president (2005-2010) and Valdis Zatlers, Latvia’s president (2007-2011) are expected to attend the royal dinner.


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