King Mihai of Romania is “in the last hours of his life”

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King Mihai (Michael) of Romania is said to be in the last hours or days of his life, according to his counsellor, Michael Flaks.

Mr Flaks said: “It is quite sad and worrying because His Majesty has been in poor health for two, three years. But I understood that he is now in the last hours or days of his life,” informs.

The Royal Court also announced on Thursday the King had received Holy Communion.

King Mihai of Romania stepped down from public last year after he was diagnosed with chronic leukaemia and epidermoid carcinoma.

King Mihai of Romania was born in 1921 as the son of Carol II of Romania and Princess Helen of Greece and Denmark. He was King of Romania from 20 July 1927 to 8 June 1930 and again from 6 September 1940 to 30 December 1947. He was forced to abdicate in 1947 by the government controlled by the Communist Party of Romania. As a descendant of Queen Victoria through both his parents, he is a third cousin of Her Majesty The Queen and several other reigning heads of state. He married Princess Anne of Bourbon-Parma in 1948, and together they have five daughters. Queen Anne died in 2016.

Despite Romania’s Salic law, preventing women from inheriting the throne, King Mihai has stated that should Romania restore the monarchy, they should also abolish the Salic law. He designated his eldest daughter Margareta as Crown Princess. As she and her husband have no children, her second sister’s son Nicholas (Nicolae) was designated as ‘Prince of Romania’ in 2007, though this title was taken away in 2015, possibly due to him having fathered an illegitimate child. He was also officially removed from the line of succession, as was his aunt Irina Walker, born Princess Irina of Romania, who was arrested for being part of an illegal cockfighting ring, the same source informs.

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