Kogaion, new IT operating system launched by a group of young Romanians

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A new computer operating system specifically developed for education field, but also for the use in the administration, was released Saturday in Cluj, by a group of Romanian young people – Rogentos (Romanian Gentoo Operating Systems Group), a team of developers, programmers and IT specialists from all over the country.

Linux-based Kogaion, as it was called, is an operating system for the usual computer user, easily adaptable to his needs. Being Desktop oriented, it has the potential to serve the home user, but also the national and local public administration and public institutions. It can also be used in education institutions and it can easily replace the traditional and well known operating systems.

“A great advantage of adopting this new operating system is that it will be available to those who want it free of charge,” Stefan Brandusa, product development coordinator said during the launch event.

Rogentos also launched Argent, an operating system used for servers, cloud management, data centers, security, informatics, national and international security. It can be used for individual protection, or for fiscal administration, information services and army protection like MAI, MAPN, etc. Therefore it may be a feasible derivative, viable in everything that implies national and international protection and security systems.

The young Romanians are currently working also at another operating system called ArgOs, designed for tablets and mobile phones.

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