Kovesi argues she never committed criminal offenses, vows to further run for European Prosecutor

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Former National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi has said on Friday, while leaving the Prosecutor’s Office, she was heard and has been informed about the status of suspect for charges of abuse of office, bribe taking and false testimony. Kovesi added that she has challenged the case prosecutor Adina Florea and her chief Gheorghe Stan.

I’ve filed challenges against the case prosecutor and the chief section prosecutor. After I’ve filed the challenges, Mrs. Prosecutor told me to wait for the results of the challenge request I’ve filed,” Kovesi said on Friday, ziare.com reports.

Kovesi also said her candidacy for European Prosecutor will be affected.

My candidacy for European Prosecutor is affected. I will turn out for hearings on February 26 in the European Parliament,” Kovesi said.

I never, ever, committed criminal offenses. The charges against me are made by a defendant in a DNA file. I’ve never had attributions related to Nicolae Popa’s extradition from Indonesia. I’ve never made any abuse in regard to the extradition, the extradition was handled by the Police and the Justice Ministry. I’ve never discussed with Sebastian Ghita about this extradition,” Kovesi said.

The accusation of bribe taking is that I allegedly received money directly to facilitate the extradition. The payment for extradition was made by the Romanian Police. There is a Prosecutor’s Office release reading that the payment was made by the Romanian Police,” Kovesi further said.

Referring to the photos on her, which the businessman claims having, the former DNA chief prosecutor said she took part to institutions’ official events and added some of the pictures might be forged.

Kovesi said she has been harassed for the past two years and a half, has to deal with 18 criminal files and 4 disciplinary investigations, argued that others with the system are also harassed for commenting on the laws of justice.

The former anti-corruption head also said upon leaving that she had filed two requests to recuse the case prosecutors in her file, with Adina Florea being one of them. Later on, judiciary sources revealed that Gheorghe Stan, the head of the section for investigation of the magistrates, had rejected Kovesi’s reques to recuse Florea.

When leaving the Prosecutor General’s Office she was encouraged by a group of supporters, who have brought tulips and chanted ‘Kovesi – fight the corrupt’.

After the hearing, Kovesi left to the airport on Friday afternoon, heading to Brussels for the contest on the European chief prosecutor position.

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