Kovesi – judicial control, banned to work for the Prosecutor’s Office, to leave the country

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Former National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi has been charged and placed under judicial control on Thursday by the special section for investigating magistrates. She has also been banned to leave the country and to work for the Prosecutor’s Office.

The case prosecutor has told me I am banned from talking to the press. It’s a decision to make me shut up,” Kovesi said when leaving the hearings after more than 6 hours.

The section’s prosecutors have opened two files on Kovesi, one regarding the way Nicolae Popa was brought to the country and the other one regarding the DNA Ploiesti prosecutors.

Among others, the former DNA chief prosecutor is charged with telling the chief prosecutor in Ploiesti to confirm an illegal indictment to prosecute five people. Sources say the named prosecutor is Gheorghe Popovici and that among those prosecuted was also former MP Sebastian Ghita.

Kovesi said some other time that the charges against her are “fantasy exclusively aimed at denigrating” her. The former DNA head added that prosecutor Adina Florea proves that she wants a media circus, not a legal file.

She also stated upon leaving the hearings that she is not allowed to talk to the press anymore because “the despair” that she might be the chief of the European Prosecutor’s Office “has reached certain peaks”.

They knew there are meetings for negotiations including yesterday, that there will be negotiations on April 4, on April 10, during this time. I ranked first in the technical committees, I am waiting for the result of the negotiations,” said Kovesi

The second round of negotiations between the European Parliament and the EU Council to designate the future European chief prosecutor ended with no conclusion on Wednesday.

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