Labour Minister: Pension Pillar II will not be disbanded. Wages up for doctors and nurses as of Thursday

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Labour Minister, Lia Olguta Vasilescu, has said on Wednesday that the Pension Pillar II will not be disbanded, however it is under analysis the option that everyone could choose to contribute or not to this pillar.

“There’s no change against three months ago, the Pension Pillar II will not be disbanded, we couldn’t do it anyway. It is under analysis the option that every person chooses, not forced by the law, to contribute to Pillar I and to Pillar II, so that people can decide,” Vasilescu said on Wednesday.

She said that, at the time, she has opted for Pillar I, given that the state cannot go bankrupt, whereas private companies have a different situation.

“As conclusion, the Pension Pillar II is not to be disbanded,” the Labour Minister said, adding that soon she would reveal figures on the efficiency of Pillar II.

Wages for doctors and nurses up to the scale level of 2022

Minister Vasilescu has also said that, as of Thursday, the wages of doctors and nurses will climb according to the scale level of 2022 and the primary care physician could earn as much as RON 15,000, without bonuses.

“It’s about all doctors and nurses on the scale level of 2022, as of Thursday. I can tell you that a primary care physician, for example, could earn as much as RON 15,000 plus the seniority bonus and other bonuses. In the health system the wages will be very high. We’ve noticed last year that the doctors’ exodus decreased by 40% on the promises that wages will grow,” Vasilescu said.

The Labour Minister said the exodus is a national problem.

“We hope that, as of this year, following this measure, to put an end to the doctors’ exodus, because we need them. There are healthcare units with positions open for contest and nobody wants to compete, so it is a national problem,” Vasilescu said.

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