40% of cases of missing children come from foster homes. Social workers involved in child trafficking

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The inquiry parliamentary committee on missing children has released its activity report. Following hearings among relevant authorities and NGOs, the report reveals that 405 of the cases of missing children, the minors originate from the social protection centers, like foster homes or centres for disabled children.

The representatives of the inquired NGOs say that the missing girls are frequently trafficked abroad with the consent of the social workers who are practically giving the girls to sex traffickers.

The NGOs specialised in these cases such as Reaching Out Romania and Open Door Fundation heard in the inquiry committee in July this year warned the committee over irregularities of cases occurred over the past years in certain foster homes in Romania, as well as over the connections that some people at the helm of the county general directorates for child protection have with the human trafficking rings in the view of poaching minors for sexual and begging purposes.

Iana Matei – president of Reaching Out Romania and Monica Boseff, president of Open Door Foundation stated that underage girls “are leaving Romania with false documents or statements released by a paid notary” and they are practically used by pimps for sexual purposes.

According to Iana Matei, the most troublesome county general directorates for child protection are the ones in Dolj, Brasov, Teleorman, Calarasi, Galati, Braila and Constanta counties. These directorates are strongly connected to the human trafficking rings, as they protect traffickers and encourage the minors “to go abroad to make some money”.

Many times, the children in these foster homes are doped, are being administered all kind of drugs to keep them in lethargy.

In many cases, the trafficked girls seeking the Police’s help find themselves ignored by the law-enforcement officers.

The chairwoman of the inquiry committee, Carmen Mihalescu recounted the case of a trafficked girl ignored by the Police in Iasi: “We heard a victim of the human trafficking, Larisa Butnariu, it has been a well-publicized case in Iasi. This girl changed 7 human trafficking rings in one year. At some point, the girl called the police to ask for help and a policeman within the Iasi County Inspectorate put it bluntly: “But do you think we can look for all the kidnapped girls? Where shall we find you?”

Other children are repeatedly relocated from one foster home to another until they loose all emotional stability and end up killing themselves.

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