7 dead after a fire at a guesthouse in Prahova on Christmas

An eighth victim not identified yet.


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A tragedy occurred in Prahova county, on the second day of Christmas. “Ferma Dacilor”, a guesthouse in Gura Vadului, was destroyed on Tuesday morning. Seven people died, and another is reported missing. At the time of the fire, there were 26 people in the guesthouse who, according to the information available so far, participated in a party organized by the owner. 18 managed to evacuate in time. Two people, a child and an adult, were injured.

The identified dead are three children and four adults. The search continues for the eighth person, but they are hampered by the fact that there are only charred remains in the area, from which it is not possible to distinguish what may be a human corpse and what is burnt material.

The building did not have a fire permit, and in 2019 checks were made, at which time several irregularities were found and 6 warnings were given. Authorities are investigating, a prosecutor is now on the scene, as well as a special team to the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police.

The firemen reported, on Wednesday morning, that they extracted the seventh victim of the fire from the guesthouse in Tohani, Prahova county. It is about a minor, one of the eight people who were stuck inside after the flames broke out.

Among the deceased is Dinicu Victor Constantin, the owner’s son.

Investigators have opened a criminal case for three crimes – manslaughter, bodily harm and manslaughter. The last control at “Ferma Dacilor” took place on July 12, and it is the control referred to by DNA, which announced that it will reopen the file regarding this action. At the scene, the investigators did not find any other video cameras apart from the ones inside the building, which were destroyed.

The prefect of Prahova county, Virgil Nanu, stated that, according to the first information, the fire did not start in the area of the restaurant, but in the area of an attic, where the guests were staying. Those from ISU are trying to find the three missing persons. (…) There was only one premises, a space with a restaurant on the ground floor, a few accommodation spaces on the ground floor and around five rooms in the attic. The fire did not break out from the restaurant, but from the accommodation area that was in the attic,” said the prefect. “Apparently it was a private party, there were 26 people, a lot of youth, a 48-year-old adult, a person who tried to go and save his children, but he didn’t get out, and his wife, with one of the children, were taken to the County Hospital in the morning. The one who tried to save his children, I understand he was even an employee,” said Nanu.

Of the 26 people who were inside the guesthouse when the flames broke out, four were tourists. The rest of the people are close to the boss, the one who organized the party that ended in tragedy.

The case is taken over by a criminal prosecutor, and the cause of the fire will be established during the investigation. “The leadership of the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police ordered the dispatch of a team of specialists from the National Institute of Forensic Science to support the investigation,” the Romanian Police Inspectorate said.

Prosecutors of the Public Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Prahova Court opened a criminal case for destruction and manslaughter in this case.

Judicial sources told mass media that the investigators do not exclude any variant, being taken into account both the outbreak of the fire as a result of an intentional action, as well as the variant of an accident.

According to the data previously communicated by the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) Prahova, Ferma Dacilor is an economic operator with accommodation and restaurant functions, located in the Prahova village of Tohani. The premise does not have a fire safety permit, the quoted source also says.

According to ISU Prahova, in 2019 a “substantive check” was carried out at this objective, 6 irregularities were identified, one of which was remedied during the control and 6 warnings were issued. At the time of the verification, no documents were made available to the inspectors from which to derive the moment of commissioning, in order to establish the necessity of requesting and obtaining the fire safety approval/authorization”, reports ISU Prahova.

The “Ferma Dacilor” guesthouse was also operating without a building permit, and those who built it had obtained, at the end of 2020, a building certificate. The prefect of Prahova county, Virgiliu Nanu, announces that checks will begin at the county level that will target the existence of building and operating permits and fire safety permits for such accommodation units.

Tourist: The power plant had broken down, heaters allegedly used in the attic

A survivor of the devastating fire at the “Ferma Dacilor” guesthouse in Tohani says that there were malfunctions in the power plant and that an improvised heating system would have been used. Also, Digi24 sources claim that, from witness accounts, there were problems with the central heating plant and “heaters” were used in the attic.

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