A solution in Hexi Pharma case expected in February

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Romanian Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar said on Thursday that a solution would be given in the Hexi Pharma file in February 2017, with prosecutors analyzing the last evidence.

“We now have the last evidence such as the expertize reports filed in this case and that must be translated on Romanian. Then, there is an evaluation of all evidence and we’ll have a solution in February at the latest,” Lazar said.

The latest tests on the Hexi Phamra disinfectants conducted in the Czech Republic revealed that they are inefficient.

The investigation in the Hexi Pharma case started in spring this year after the media disclosed information related to the company’s selling diluted disinfectants to the hospitals in Romania.

The prejudice assessed by the prosecutor in the file mounts to around RON 70 M.

The owner of Hexi Pharma company, Dan Condrea, died in a suspicious car crash shortly after the scandal broke. The main lead so far is that Condrea committed suicide.

The results of the tests on the Hexi Pharma biocides ordered in Czechia reveal that the disinfectants were diluted indeed. Initially, the Hexi Pharma products have been tested at the Cantacuzino Research Institute, the conclusion showed that “the products were almost totally in accordance from the efficiency point of view.”

The manager of Hexi Pharma, Flori Dinu, Dan Condrea’s wife and her brother are prosecuted in this case. Flori Dinu is accused of 128 crimes of fraud.

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