Aggressor kills two plasterers in an apartment in Onesti

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A 68-year-man has stabbed to death two plasterers who were redecorating an apartment in Onesti, Bacau county. The aggressor was the former owner of the apartment that he lost 12 years ago to a company where the two victims were working. The aggressor sequestered the two plasterers, aged 36 and 52, inside the house in an attempt to secure a ransom of his former property. The aggressor himself called the Police to announce he is holding the two plasterers as hostages, under the threat of a knife.

As the negotiations with the police expert of the Bacau Police, the aggressor stabbed the two workers who eventually died due to the injuries.

The aggressor was shot by the police when the police forces intervened. The Police has negotiated with the aggressor for several hours, but talks failed, so, the special forces deployed on the scene broke down the door of the apartment when they heard cries for help. When the policemen entered the apartment, the two workers were stabbed.

The aggressor was wounded by the gun shots, and he is currently hospitalized.

The aggressor’s wife was also detained on Monday for complicity to forcible confinement. She was allegedly in the building at that moment, as well. First information revealed that the woman was at the fourth floor of the building. Policemen found several plastic necklaces in her purse.

The Onesti Police chiefs are conducting an internal inquiry to review the intervention in this case after the public opinions had slammed the police’s slow strike force.

Forensic psychologist Liviu Chesnoiu told Digi 24 that the mistake in Onesti case was a delayed action of the authorities, just like it happened in Caracal case in the summer of 2019, for the forces have uselessly waited for the intervention order.

“When you face this type of aggressors the police must take a forceful intervention (…) you break down the door, you enter through the window (…) Approvals were pending and thus they wasted time”,  the psychologist  explained.

Sources from the investigators revealed that the discussions of the aggressor with the police officers had lasted four hours, with the aggressor asking them to bring him the documents certifying he lost the apartment, a camera and 300, 000 euros.

The police squad arrived on the spot in several minutes, but decided to call a negotiator from Bacau, who arrived in Onesti more than two hours after the call.

Sources quoted by Digi 24 also dais that one of the victims would have tried to escape and attack the aggressor, but at that moment the attacker started to stab them.

Aggressor had previous sentences for theft and bodily injury

The aggressor, Gheorghe Moroşanu, was sentenced in the past for aggravated theft and bodily injury. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison for theft in 1987 and to one year and six months in jail for the same crime in 1991. In 2003, he would have also been sentenced for serious bodily injury.
Gheorghe Moroşanu would have also been sanctioned for drunk driving in Italy in 2010.

At the same time, he has been threatening since 2018, in a video clip posted on social media, that he will take the matter (of the apartment he lost) in his own hands, including using firearm if the dispute over the apartment he had been evicted from was not to be solved. Yet, the police used to argue that “there were no clues on the man’s violent conduct”, explaining they were not expecting for the situation to escalate.

Police’s explanations
The chief of the Service for Intervention and Special Actions (SIAS), Alexandru Scurtu told a press conference today that during the negotiations with the aggressor there was “a trigger” when one of the victims tried to attack the aggressor, and he became violent.

“The negotiator had managed to calm down the aggressor and the latter had started to cooperate. But at 16:55 there was a latch triggered by the fact that one of the victims tried to attack the aggressor and the latter turned extremely violent, striking left and right,” Scurtu said.

He added that the negotiators were not able to cooperate with the aggressor’s wife, as she has permanently endorsed her husband in all actions.

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