Alina Bica asks to serve jail time in Italy

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Former head of the Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), Alina Bica, who has been detained in Italy after being on the run in the past 2 years, was presented to an Italian court, telling judges that she is not running away, but that she doesn’t want to return to Romania and that she wants to serve prison time in Italy, according to La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno.

The Italian media also reports that Alina Bica has been in Italy over a year, and she has been working as a legal consultant for a company in Brescia area.

“The Romanian former anti-mafia prosecutor will reach the prison in Trani”, says La Gazzeta del Mezzogiorno.

Alina Bica has been allegedly living in Puglia region, southern Italy for about a year and she relocated to Altamura, near Bari shortly before the lockdown prompted by the novel coronavirus pandemic, where her partner and lover is also living and working. She declared her residence here and that’s how the Police found her.

According to the above-mentioned Italian newspaper, Bica would have told the Italian judges:

“I have committed no crime, I have filed a new appeal before the Romanian High Court. The sentence is based on a very particular interpretation of the law, over which there has been a strong disagreement among judges. I am not running away, but I don’t want to return to Romania, and if the sentences is re-confirmed I will ask to serve the prison time here in Italy: there is only one penitentiary for women in Romania and more than half of the female prisoners up there have been convicted based on investigations made by my office: I must talk to my lawyer to study the defence strategy”.

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