ANI: Clotilde Armand, conflict of interest after appointing herself manager in an anti-corruption project


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The National Integrity Agency accuses Clotilde Armand, the mayor of District 1, of an administrative conflict of interest, because she named herself manager in an anti-corruption project financed from European funds, as a result of which she would have earned almost 19,000 lei. ANI notified the prosecutor’s office. In reply, the mayor of District 1 shows that the project was checked and approved by the Ministry of Investments and European Projects and also that he had the right to increase the allowance.

“While exercising the duties of mayor, Armand Clotilde Marie Brigitte signed the provisions by which she appointed herself manager of the project “Improving local administrative capacity regarding the development, implementation and promotion of anti-corruption measures” financed by European funds and which produced a material benefit for herself in the amount of 18,720 Lei, thus violating the provisions of art. 70, art. 71 and art. 76 of Law no. 161/2003″, says the National Integrity Agency in a statement sent on Monday.

According to ANI, “the 5 provisions signed represent the appointment to the position of project manager, as well as the increase of the monthly allowance, by up to 30%”.

The provision by which she named herself project manager was signed on February 18, 2022, since then Clotilde Armand has simultaneously exercised the position of mayor of Sector 1 and the remunerated position of project manager, thus disobeying the provisions of art. 87, para. (1), lit. k) from Law no. 161/2003, the Integrity Agency also states.

The National Integrity Agency notified the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice regarding the existence of indications relating to Armand Clotilde Marie Brigitte committing the crime of using the position to favor certain persons, provided for by art. 301 of the Criminal Code because, in the exercise of the mayor’s duties, i.e. between February and August 2022, he signed a number of 5 provisions that led to the creation of additional income for himself”, states ANI.

Mayor Clotilde Armand reacted to the ANI announcement, stating in a statement that the project for the implementation of anti-corruption measures was checked by the Ministry of European Investments, which said that “everything is correct”.

“That’s it! They caught me… Just kidding. They had nothing. I read the ANI press release today, I can tell you that I complied with the law in the case of the project «Improving local administrative capacity regarding the development, implementation and promotion of anti-corruption measures». We have confirmation from officials at the Ministry of Investments and European Projects that we are eligible. Before the appointments were made in the project, there was a check and the competent authorities told us that everything is correct. You know, we don’t do anything on our own,” reads Clotilde Armand’s Facebook post.

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