ANRP has to pay EUR 70 M for overrated compensation illegally granted to Gigi Becali’s nephew

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The National Agency for Property Restitution (ANRP) is again eyed by the National Anti-corruption Directorate. More precisely, ANRP has to pay an overrated compensation of over EUR 70 M granted to a nephew of businessman Gigi Becali. His nephew, Vasile Geambazi, practically received EUR 70m as compensation for a plot of land of 28.5 hectares in Voluntari near Bucharest, although its real value would be three times less, reads a report of the PM’s Control Body, which notified DNA over the case.

In 2006, the heir of this plot’s owner surrendered the property rights over the land to Gigi Becali for EUR 1 M. In his turn, Becali surrendered the compensation rights to a private company represented by his nephew, Vasile Geambazi for about EUR 2.2 M.

In 2010, Vasile Geambazi received the right to be compensated for this plot of land in exchange for almost EUR 20 M and empowered Gigi Becali to represent him in the relation with ANRP.

In 2011, the assessor hired by ANRP to review the land established that the value of the plot was less over EUR 71 M, meaning 328 EUR per square metre, although the average value of the plot was of EUR 108/sqm. Assessor Emil Nutiu is already indicted by the DNA in the Bica 1 file for complicity to abuse of office in connection with an overvalued compensation granted by ANPR.

The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) has been notified by the Prime Minister’s Control Body about the manner in which the commission for compensations with the National Authority for Property Restitution (ANPR) has allegedly established overvalued rights in favour of individuals.
According to the PM’s Control Body, the pace of settlement that the compensation files registered to ANPR is very slow.
The over 42,000 compensation files recorded currently at ANPR could be settled in the next 24 years, i.e. until 2039, given the current rate of settling the files. The average number of files finalised is of 1,785 per year.

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