ASF file: Businessman Ilie Carabulea, sentenced to 6 years and a half in jail


Businessman Ilie Carabulea was sentenced on Tuesday to six years and a half in prison in the Financial Supervising Authority (ASF) file. The Bucharest Court of Appeal ruling is not final.
In the same file, the wife of former Finance Minister Daniel Chitoiu, Laura Chitoiu, was sentenced to one year in prison with suspension, according to the media, reports.
Laura Chitoiu had been a former director of the Notification Department with ASF.
Also, the former ASF head, Dan Radu Rusanu was acquitted.
Carabulea was convicted for corruption offenses in the ASF-Carpatica file. The businessman was indicted in this case in April 2014 on charges of establishing an organized criminal group, bribe giving, influence buying, instigation to forgery under private signature and instigation to use of forgery.
Few days ago Ilie Carabulea and his son were remanded in the Carpatica Asig file, but they were set free by the Sibiu Court soon after, because the arrest warrants have expired, and court adjourned the sentence.

Businessman Ilie Carabulea and his son, along with other five people were detained by the organized crime prosecutors Wednesday evening.
They are investigated for setting up an organized crime group, for abuse of office, tax evasion and money laundering in the Carpatica Asig file. Ten people are eyed in this case, while other charges also point to forgery, embezzlement and information forgery. The prejudice mounts to RON 70 million.

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