Balasescu’s father in law found hanged in Busteni mountain resort


George Adrian Epaminonda Burchel, former father in law of Liberal leader Mihail Balasescu (photo) and the main suspect in his murder case, was found hanged in a forest near the cable car in Busteni mountain resort, Prahova county.

Burchel’s car had been found abandoned in Busteni on Monday morning. The vehicle had its back wheels flat.

According to police sources, George Burchel would have left a note to a relative saying that he would kill Balasescu and then would disappear.

Burchel has been initially located in Cheia, in a mountain area, from where he called his wife and dialed 112 to inform he is going to kill himself.

Ilfov Court issued an arrest warrant on Balasescu’s former father in law on September 9, after Police had put out an APB and alerted border checkpoints.

Prosecutors say that on the night of September 3 to September 4, while in his house in Bragadiru, George Burchel hit Mihail Balasescu in the head with a vase several times and then strangled him with five plastic necklaces which prompted his death.

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