Bank robbed in Bucharest near the Romanian Police HQs. The main suspect caught after one day

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Update: The main suspect, a man in his 30s, has been caught on Wednesday and has been taken for hearings.

“A 30-year-old man was detected on a street in District 3 around 11:30. He was identified as the main suspect in the money heist committed in the banking agency in District 2 on Tuesday,” says a press release by the Bucharest Police.


A man has robbed a bank in District 2 in Bucharest this morning, right in front of the Romanian Police headquarters.

The robbed bank subsidiary is located on Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, across the street from the HQs of the  Romanian Police General Inspectorate.

The heist occurred today at 10 a.m., when only few employees were in the agency at that moment.

The robber wrote a note and showed it to the cashier: “You have 10 seconds to take all the money from the drawer, if you comply with it you’ll arrive home safely. If you take a wrong step, I’ll cut you”.

Photo credit: Facebook/ Europol

The stolen sum mounted to RON 10,000.

The robber managed to run away before the panic button had been pushed. No person was injured.

The Criminal Investigation police department has taken over the case.

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  1. Miron Butoi says

    And no description of the suspect other than he was a man ? The public might be able to help but without any description…

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