Big names allegedly involved in the cancer drugs scandal

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The names of big pharma companies present on the Romanian market would be involved in the case of the oncology specialists suspected of prescribing certain medicines to their patients for which they would have been rewarded with luxury trips.

Glaxosmithkline Romania, Novartis Pharma, Sandoz Pharma SRL, Roche Romania would be targeted by the anti-corruption investigation, Digi 24 informs.

A total of 11 companies would be involved in this case, both producers and suppliers providing medicines in all hospitals in the country.

Although over 400 medicine suppliers are registered at the National Medicine Agency, only 100 are active on the Romanian market, cumulating 90 percent of the funds the state is usually allotting for medicines and health services, meaning that over 90 pc of an annual budget of RON 1.32 billion for cancer drugs is going to these companies.

The investigation also revealed that important stocks of drugs have been discovered in some doctors’ offices. The doctors used to prescribe the drug, while the National Health Insurance House discounted it based on a so-called diagnostic that would have pointed to that cure.

The doctors kept the medicines, as the patients were fictional. Judicial sources said the companies used to discount out of date medicines, too.

Further details on this case here:

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