Black coke haul worth EUR 4 M at Timisoara


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The cocaine was brought from Ecuador and was heading to Spain when it was seized at Timisoara on Wednesday. The black cocaine haul was worth EUR 4 million on the black market, as the interim chief prosecutor of the Directorate for Organized Crime and Terrorism Investigation (DIICOT), Georgiana Hosu informed.

Those 70 kilos of drugs represent the first black cocaine capture made by the Romanian authorities. The action was named “Chopin” and was supported by German, British and Spanish police officers.

“The drugs have been subject of a technological process so that they cannot be detected either by scanner or by dogs. Afterwards, the drugs looking like a pitch were injected into some furnishings,” chief sergeant Jean Cucu explained.

Judicial sources were reporting that DIICOT prosecutors and police officers have caught three persons, two men and a woman. A Venezuelan resident in Romania, his Romanian wife and a Columbian citizen were representing the cell charged with the cocaine transportation on the Romania’s territory.

The man from Venezuela and his wife were residing in Timisoara, investigators claiming they lived a discrete life and had good relations with their neighbors, so that they cannot attract attention.

They have been monitored for a month and the drugs have been on the register every day for the past 2 weeks.



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