Bogdan Olteanu, indicted


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Bogdan Olteanu, former deputy governor of the Romania’s central bank (BNR) was indicted by the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA). He is accused of having received EUR 1 M from businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vintu to intercede with members of the Government to appoint Liviu Mihaiu as governor of the Danube Delta.

Olteanu will be on trial for influence peddling. He is currently under house arrest, but the DNA asked that the house arrest should be replaced by judicial control.

The High Court of Cassation and Justice decided on August 12 to place on preventive arrest the former central bank deputy governor Bogdan Olteanu for 16 days. Initially, the court ruled the house arrest against him. He is charged with influence peddling occurred in July-November 2008 when Olteanu was Chamber of Deputies Speaker.

Ten days later ICCJ decided to extend the preventive arrest measure against central bank’s ex-deputy governor Bogdan Olteanu by another 30 days.

However, on September, the same Supreme Court decided to place Olteanu under house arrest. He is not allowed to talk to his parents or to his ex-wife.

Prosecutors investigated where Olteanu got the money from to build his house in Snagov, as the villa, rated for EUR 1 million hasn’t initially been in Olteanu’s wealth statement.

The villa was built by direct labour operations but also with one company’s help. Investigators want to know with what money the building materials have been bought and how the works have been paid.

The plot of land where the villa was built came into Olteanu’s possession in 2013 after it would have belonged to the Brasov parish.

Prosecutors are also interested in several plots of land that Olteanu would have had in Prahova County. The plots of land are presently owned by Olteanu’s former wife. Investigators claim that none of these plots of land would have showed up in his wealth statement.

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