Bucharest Girl Sues Parents for Support, Wants Maintenance Until 26


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A 20-year-old young woman from Bucharest, a student at the Marketing Faculty of the Academy of Economic Studies, sued her parents for money. According to libertatea.ro, she asked the court to oblige her parents to pay a monthly maintenance allowance in the amount of 2,000 lei, until she reaches the age of 26 or until she finishes her studies.

The student from Bucharest sued her parents in April 2024, to temporarily compel them to pay a monthly sum of 2,000 lei. The request has already been rejected by a judge.

According to the documents in the file, the conflict between the young woman and her parents began during the pandemic, when, she claims, she was forced to get the vaccine, she was tested daily with a PCR test, things that caused her a “deep trauma on an emotional and mental level”, ending up being afraid to return home from high school.

The student also accuses that until the age of majority, her mother would have forbidden her to have a certain circle of friends and she would have been forced by her parents to eat only bread with yogurt every day, while there were meat dishes, sausages in the house , sweets and snacks.

Three months after coming of age, the young woman left home, staying with friends for a while. He managed to take the Baccalaureate and enter college, but the relationship with his parents remained strained. She claims that during this period she occasionally met with them in the city or at home, on holidays, but without being able to reach a harmony specific to a family.

All these relational shortcomings led the young woman to sue her parents and ask them for alimony.

In her legal action, the young woman used the provisions of the Civil Code, which oblige the parents to maintain the child who has become of age, if he is continuing his studies, until they are finished, but without exceeding the age of 26. However, the young woman’s request did not succeed until this point in the process.

The parents’ stance

According to the documents in the file, the young woman’s parents presented evidence that they provided their daughter with optimal conditions to continue her studies and start life right. They say that they gave their daughter an average of 3,500 lei per month, a fully equipped apartment in District 6 of Bucharest.

In addition, they offered her a job at the company where the father works, in the field in which the young woman is training. They also state that the offers were refused by their daughter.

The parents asked the judges not to approve the daughter’s request, explaining that in this way she would no longer have “the possibility of creating her own path, of which she can be proud, as a result of her own work, supported by her native intelligence and training on who has them. In other words, this young adult must show his native potential that he has, not limit himself as a result of the comfort that his parents’ income could provide him”, the documents of the file state.

The court ruled in favor of the parents, considering the young woman’s request inadmissible. In justifying the refusal, the judge showed that, indeed, the Civil Code obliges parents to provide support for the adult child until the age of 26, if he is still studying, but under certain conditions.

“It is necessary for the court to find that, apparently, the plaintiff is in a state of need and cannot support himself from his work or his assets. Regarding the state of need, it denotes the situation of a person who cannot satisfy his natural material needs, for food, clothing, housing, medicine, or spiritual needs, related to education, professional training, spiritual evolution”.

In the present case, however, the parents provided their daughter with a house to live in alone, food and considerable sums of money, transferred to her frequently, and even the possibility to work part-time in the field in which study.

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  1. Panagiotis Spyridis says

    They should give her only 1000 lei per month. It is enough. Anything excessive will probably go to psychedelic drugs. If she wants more, she can get a part time job. Ainte!!!!

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