Bucharest tops local corruption chart

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The Romanian Capital ranks first in the national corruption chart, with 4.71 convictions per 1,000 inhabitants. The most corrupted counties after Bucharest are Maramures, Bacau and Caras Severin. At the counter pole, there are Salaj and Mehedinti counties with least convictions, reveals “The Local Corruption Chart” launched by Romania Curata and The Academic Society in Romania (SAR) on Wednesday.

The survey was made based on statistics obtained from the National Anti-corruption Directorate, which published 3,125 releases related to final convictions in the anti-corruption files during 2010-2014. 2,143 were suspended sentences, while 982 were custodial sentences.

The Local Corruption Chart also unveils there is a heavy share of mayors convicted during these four monitored years. 56 mayors and 16 deputy mayors have got final jail sentences during 2010-2014.

The database of the interactive corruption chart will be available at www.romaniacurata.ro.

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