Businessman Ioan Neculaie, under preventive arrest

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The magistrates of the Brasov Court of Appeal have decided on Monday to place businessman Ioan Neculaie under preventive arrest, invalidating the decision of the Brasov Court on January 30, which established his investigation under judicial control, informs. Ioan Neculaie came out of Court of Appeal’s offices handcuffed, being taken by car to the county police custody.
He was detained on January 28, after several searches had been conducted by prosecutors at the premises of the Group of companies Prescon S.A., at S.C. Football Club Brasov S.A. owned by him, as well as at his home in Brasov.
Neculaie is being investigated for tax evasion, forgery under private signature, embezzlement with particularly serious consequences and money laundering.
Businessman Ioan Niculaie, owner of FC Brasov football club, was remanded on January 28 by the Brasov Prosecutor’s Office, after being heard for ten hours in a file of tax evasion and money laundering.
The prosecutors searched his home and the FC Brasov football club’s offices in search for information in the file with damages amounting to EUR 10 million.
Ioan Niculaie is suspect of illegally taking money from his companies, money cashed in from football players’ transfers or from selling broadcasting rights for FC Brasov. According to the prosecutors, after the money was taken out from the companies, Ioan Niculaie has set up a financial flow made up by his companies meant to give a semblance of legality to the operations.
In the same file is also inquired a former head of the Brasov Financial Guard, currently inspector with the Gambling Office.

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