Caracal case: Criminal gangs used in hunt for Alexandra. Human trafficking suspicions grow

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Developments in the case of Alexandra Macesanu, the 15-year-old girl reported missing in Caracal for over a week, continue to unfold. While the main suspect, currently under arrest, maintains his confession of murdering Alexandra and another 18-year-old girl from the same county missing since April, mass media have been carrying out their own investigations.

According to “Libertatea” daily newspaper, after Alexandra called 112 last Thursday, the deputy police chief of Olt Police Inspectorate contacted local criminal gangs to help locate Alexandra’s whereabouts, passing them confidential information related to the case.

Meanwhile, DIICOT prosecutors resumed their search of Gheorghe Dincă’s property on Friday. During his 8 hour hearing at DIICOT in Bucharest a day ago, Dinca continued to swear he had killed both Alexandra and Luiza Melencu, but any details as to where the bodies might be remain so far undisclosed.

Dinca’s lie-detector test due today has been postponed. He is to undergo psychiatric expertise next week.

Gheorghe Dincă was also taken to the National Forensic Medicine Institute yesterday for a medical examination where he was  booed by bystanders, and on Wednesday, he was taken to hospital after complaining of chest and rib pain after being kicked by investigators on his arrest.

Shocking disclosure: local police resorted to criminal gangs to find Alexandra

According to “Libertatea”, officers out looking for Alexandra questioned a criminal gang who gave them the whereabouts of another rival clan possibly involved in the kidnapping. The second gang was also given information by the Caracal police chiefs.

The Rădoi and Oacă gangs are known to be connected to magistrates and police in Caracal.

It became clear that the gangs knew the police were talking on an internal WhatsApp group during searches and had all the necessary details.

“Libertatea” has released two transcripts of the WhatsApp conversations from the day police were hunting for Alexandra. Leaders of both gangs talked to journalists and confirmed they were involved.

We now know that on July 25 at 5 p.m., six hours after Alexandra’s desperate calls to 112, the chief inspector of Olt Police Inspectorate, Nicolae Alexe, called Remus Rădoi, aka ”Codiță”, leader of one of the gangs known for dubious business within the county. Alexe gave Radoi phone numbers and information on the suspect’s car.

Rădoi told Alexe to mobilise his search teams in Redea village – no link to Bolt district and the dam Alexandra mentioned in her calls.

As the first search failed, Rădoi gave another address in Redea, the home of brothers Remus and Valentin Andreescu. But nothing there either.

The addresses provided by Rădoi belonged to members of the rival group, the Oacă gang. Gang leader Nicușor Oacă told journalists: “I am no angel. I am being investigated for loan sharking, but we have never been involved in prostitution. It’s clear that the police chief Alexe and Radoi did not believe the girl was kidnapped by just one man like Gheorghe Dincă, but they were convinced it was us”.

Oacă’s rival, Remus Rădoi, contradicts him, saying Oacă “has been investigated for pimping”. Rădoi recounted a criminal case opened in 2018 by DIICOT where there is evidence that “the Oacă gang took girls into Germany forcing them into prostitution after seizing their ID”.

Rădoi also said that the Oacă gang is protected by Mirea and Huma, chiefs of Caracal police both since dismissed as a result of the case. However, Rădoi praised prosecutor Popescu who delayed in approving a search warrant for Dinca’s house. Popescu was suspended from the magistracy yesterday.

In response, Nicuşor Oacă denies everything. “If you searched three addresses including my friends’, why did you stop at the fourth and why did you stand there in front of the gate till morning? I know: because the police were so sure we were trafficking the girl they waited to catch us red-handed. Except that she’d been taken by a maniac”.

Human trafficking suspicions grow

Concerns from journalists, the public and Alexandra’s family that the fifteen year old has indeed become a victim of trafficking continue to grow.

In Alexandra’s father Ioan Măceșanu’s first statement to the press, he said he firmly believed his daughter was alive and begs those who taken her to bring her back.

“I ask those who took her to bring her back. I am not interested in who did it. Just bring her home so we can get our lives back”, the grieving father said.

He also confirmed he had taken part in the searches and blamed himself for searching a street near Dinca’s house – so close to Alexandra.

Alexandru Cumpănaşu, Alexandra’s uncle and NGO leader, bluntly declared he was in no doubt whatsoever that his niece was trafficked and Gheorghe Dincă involved.

 “There is NO doubt in my mind: the monster who took Alexandra is protected. He is no lone wolf psychopath but part of a trafficking ring for under-age girls. He has accomplices in other European countries, and enjoys protection in Romania,” Alexandru Cumpănaşu posted on Facebook.

Liberal deputy Adriana Săftoiu said Friday that she could not rule out a coverup, adding that authorities were stalling in getting to the bottom of it all as they were accomplices of human trafficking networks.

Nicolae Cilan, a businessman in Arad yesterday revealed yet more shocking information. He knew Gheorghe Dincă’s daughter and was sure she had proposed girls to Italian investors for a hunting lodge. Cilan says he had known Daniela Dincă since 2015, as he did business with an Italian, Giorgio Albiero, who was Daniela’s lover. Albiero died in February this year.

Cilan said that Daniela Dincă was managing a hunting lodge in Arad, which had been Albiero’s property and often took care of the controversial side of things, such as providing girls for Italian investors who came to hunt or do business. He added that the Italian investors were willing to testify.

In response, Daniela Dincă denied the accusation. In a press statement on Friday afternoon, she said that nothing that had been said lately about her was true and that she will make statements before the investigators when she is called.

Asked if she has anything to do with the Caracal case, Daniela Dincă denied.

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