Caracal case: Justice minister announces that the DNA from found bones is Alexandra’s. Family asks for international counter-valuation

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The investigation is ongoing in Caracal on Saturday, with prosecutors intensely searching the suspect Gheorghe Dinca’s house, while authorities have the first devastating results: the DNA from the bones and ash found in the aggressor’s house belongs to Alexandra Macesanu, the 15-year-old girl who called 112 three times last Thursday to ask for help, saying she had been kidnapped, raped and sequestrated by a man.

Alexandru Cumpănaşu, Alexandra’s uncle, revealed that Justice Minister Ana Birchall had called the victim’s parents on Friday night to announce them about the results of the DNA tests taken from the bones and ash found in a barrel in Dinca’s courtyard.

Unfortunately, this confirms what Gheorghe Dincă had previously confessed that he had murdered the girl.

Results of the anthropological tests run in this case and had also revealed on Friday that the bones seized from Gheorghe Dincă’s house on the day he was arrested belong to a girl aged from 15 to 17-years-old.

The revenge is just beginning, I think nobody of those who killed my niece want that. Justice Minister announced my cousin; unfortunately the results confirm: Alexandra’s DNA from that ash or whatever might be, bones, is the same with the parents’ DNA,” Alexandra’s uncle, Alexandru Cumpănașu told Antena3.

On the other hand, Alexandru Cumpănaşu says he is still not convinced 100% that Alexandra had been murdered, asking for an international expertise on the bones.

“I cannot contest the result of the National Forensic Medicine Institute until proven otherwise, but I don’t believe a thing from this story. We also expect the papers from the institute to see to what exactly the tests refer. The girl’s silver necklace and ring were found unmelted!!! The were in the same recipient and burnt at the same time at a HUGE temperature. When my cousin identified the objects, they were just “smoked”, but intact. We are dealing here with an octopus of scumbags who need a scapegoat and who want the whole debate about a sick system where ordinary people have no chance to life to end,” Cumpănaşu argued.

He said that until an international counter-valuation is done, he is compelled to accept the INML test, but not also the “crappy story about the killer and that he burnt the body”. “It is unacceptable why the initial investigation on the scene was done without criminologists and that the monster was taken to Bucharest after 2 days. Meaning there was enough time for hiding things and for planting evidence, a crucial time for a criminal network that goes up to the Romanian state to <make things right>!!!!”, the girl’s uncle also said.

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