Caracal case: New bone fragments found in the alleged killer’s house

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Investigators have found new bone fragments in Gheorghe Dincă’s courtyard following resumed searches at his place in the Caracal murder case, judiciary sources revealed. The bones are to be examined.

However, the sources also said the bones don’t seem human.

DIICOT chief prosecutor Felix Bănilă said on Tuesday that the investigation in the Caracal case had evolved precisely for new evidence has been found. The DIICOT head also voiced hope searches at the alleged murderer’s house will be concluded in maximum two weeks.

A new search warrant valid for 15 days has been issued on Monday.

Asked id a third victim is considered in this case, Felix Bănilă replied that investigators are considering any hypothesis.

“It is too early to say something in this regard. But we don’t neglect any version- neither that he would have accomplices or not, neither there would be more victims“, he said.

The DIICOT chief hasn’t ruled out either the possibility that Luiza Melencu, the 18yo girl reported missing since April, to be alive, as no trace of her remains and things have been found so far.

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