CCR postpones ruling on the specialised judge panels for the fourth time

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The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) has postponed today the ruling on the conflict between the Parliament and the High Court of Justice on the issue of specialised judge panels on corruption cases. The most expected ruling, for it might help PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea get away with his criminal file, has been postponed for the fourth time by the constitutional judges.

The complaint on the specialised judge panels has been filed by one of Dragnea’s basemen, vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies, Florin Iordache. The complaint mainly argues that the ruling pronounced in Dragnea’s fictitious hiring case, where the SocDem leader is facing a jail time of three years and a half, is not constitutional, as it has been taken by some judge panels that are not specialised on corruption cases.

At the same time, CCR has also rejected on Monday the Liberals’ referral that said Iordache had not been entitled to notify CCR on behalf of Dragnea, who is the president of the Chamber of Deputies.

A favorable ruling in this case might help Dragnea get rid of the 3-years-and-a-half conviction in the fictitious hiring file. PSD leader’s lawyers asked that the ruling putting Dragnea behind bars should be disbanded and asked for the file to be resumed from scratch by another judge panel, specialised on corruption cases.

It seems that four constitutional judges out of nine have asked for another delay to have time for a more in-depth research on the file.

At the previous curt hearing on April 19, CCR motivated the delay arguing they had not received the stances from all the countries through the Venice Commission agent.

Liviu Dragnea himself admitted the effect of a CCR favorable opinion in this case will mean that his trial will be resumed from scratch.

Former president of the Constitutional Court, Augustin Zegrean has stated after the fourth delay in this case that it is not justified considering the low level of difficulty of the file. He argued that such cases are usually tried at the first court hearing. Zegrean opined that there is a hidden agenda behind the delays and that the Supreme Court could find a new occasion to postpone a ruling in Liviu Dragnea’s case…again. A hearing in this file under way today.

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