Colectiv club owners get off house arrest


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The Bucharest Tribunal on Monday overruled the General Prosecutor’s Office request to extend the house arrest for the Colectiv club owners by 30 days. The ruling is final, therefore Alin George Anastasescu, Paul Gancea and Costin Mincu will be investigated at large, under judicial control, meaning they will be subject to legal restrictions pending trial.

The District 4 Court also decided a week ago that the Colectiv owners should be investigated on judicial control.

At the same time, judges repealed the house arrest measure for the representatives of the fireworks company used in the nightclub on the night of the fire. Owner Daniela Nita, Director Cristian Nita and pyrotechnist Viorel Zaharia also escape house arrest.

The Colectiv club owners will have to observe several duties during the 60 days of the judicial control: they have to go to court anytime they are asked to; they have to inform the judicial body if they relocate; they have to stay away from the other defendants in this file and they are also banned to talk to one another. They aren’t allowed to leave the Romanian territory without the judges’ approval.

The three owners of the former Colectiv nightclub are criminally prosecuted for manslaughter and bodily injury. They have been set free from the preventive arrest at the end of December last year, after serving a two-month pre-trial detention.

Prosecutors claim that the deadly fire burst at the Colectiv Club on the night of October 30, 2015 was caused by several mistakes committed by the three owners. They are accused of encouraging and allowing too many persons inside the club although the venue was not fit to host so many people and hadn’t more emergency exits. They are also investigated for allowing a pyro show inside the club considering that the interior building materials were easily inflammable.

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