Company to pay Elena Udrea’s bail

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Lawyer Alexander Chiciu said on Thursday that one of the firms having Elena Udrea as associate has filed a mortgage guarantee, covering the bail of RON 5 million, in the file she is accused of having financed the PDL election campaign in 2012 with money received from Bogdan Buzaianu.
“As we have already said, Mrs. Udrea has no money or personal property to pay the bail of RON 5,000,000 set by the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA). Everything she owns is seized in the file 50/P of the DNA. Today, one of the companies in which Mrs. Udrea is associate, has submitted a real estate bail, according to the law, as real estate collateral,” said Alexander Chiciu, Elena Udrea’s lawyer.
Elena Udrea was summoned on Thursday morning at the National Anticorruption Directorate.
Elena Udrea is suspected to have financed the PDL election campaign of 2012 with money coming from Bogdan Buzaianu for Hidroelectrica, in exchange for a contract with the company controlled by businessman.

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