Constitutional Court to sue journalist Liviu Avram for moral reparation

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The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) will sue journalist Liviu Avram in order to request moral reparation, because the latter wrote in an editorial that “the CCR judges were some villains” – CCR President Augustin Zegrean (photo) said on Thursday.

“He offended the institution. We don’t seek to send him in jail. We seek moral reparation for the institution. We are people with a lot of life experience, with lots of studies, with lots of years of work. We don’t believe we should be called villains,” Zegrean said.

In his turn journalist Liviu Avram posted a message on his Facebook page, writing that “it’s all for the better”. He added he looks forward to face the court to say plainly what he wrote in his editorial.

“I waster time at the Constitutional Court. The decision was already made. The decisions on May 4 and 11 were political and had no connection with the law, with justice. How was I supposed to call them, then?” Liviu Avram said.

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