Corrupt magistrates – 36 get final sentences in the past two years

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The number of convictions for Romanian magistrates on corruption charges has grown amazingly in recent years. During 2014-2015, in Romania, no less than 36 judges have been convicted for corruption, as for the entire period 2006-2013, reports.
Corruption in the judicial system was taboo until early 2000. The first public voice recognizing that there is corruption in the judiciary was Judge Cristi Danileţ who, in 2007, raised the question of judiciary integrity.

A year later, the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) acknowledged that there is corruption in the judiciary and in 2010 over 400 magistrates throughout Romania signed a document entitled ‘Integrity and dignity’ by which they delimited from corrupt judges and prosecutors.

In 2011, CSM adopted for the first time in its history a strategy and an action plan to strengthen the integrity of the judiciary.
An analysis of documents published by CSM over the years shows the final convictions for corruption in the judiciary:
– 2006 – 3 magistrates finally convicted;
– 2007 – 4 finally convicted
– 2008 – 2 finally convicted
– 2009 – 6 finally convicted
– 2010 – 2 finally convicted
– 2011 – 4 finally convicted
– 2012 – 5 finally convicted
– 2013 – 10 finally convicted
– 2014 – 20 finally convicted
– 2015 – 16 finally convicted
Basically, during 2014-2015 in Romania were sentenced judges and prosecutors as in the past eight years cumulated.
The top name from the Romanian justice behind bars is Mircea Moldovan, who received the harshest sentence of 22 years in jail. In the reasoning of judgment, the Court of Appeal gave a tough signal to those affecting the judiciary, considering that magistrate Moldovan had turned the judge position into a means of enrichment.

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