Criminal file against another AUR member, for promoting legionary leaders


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The General Prosecutor’s Office has opened a criminal case on the name of Călin Georgescu (honorary president of AUR and proposed for a potential PM position on AUR’s behalf) for promoting the cult of persons guilty of genocide and war crimes. The notification was made ex officio, after the honorary president of AUR praised the legionary leader Corneliu Zelea Codreanu and marshal Ion Antonescu, historical figures guilty of crimes and genocide, during TV shows the previous weeks.

This is the second criminal file opened today against a leader of AUR, dubbed as an extremist, ultra-nationalist party, after the one against AUR chairman George Simion, prosecuted also today for attacking the minister of Energy in the Parliament‘s plenary sitting on Monday.

In a recent TV show, Călin Georgescu said that the legionary leader Corneliu Zelea Codreanu “fought for the morality of the human being”. Georgescu also spoke about Ion Antonescu, whom he called “martyr”. The criminal case was opened pursuant to art. 5 of GEO 31/2002. This ordinance refers to the prohibition of fascist, legionary, racist or xenophobic organizations, symbols and deeds and to the promotion of the cult of persons guilty of crimes of genocide against humanity and war crimes.

During an intervention on Antena 3 private broadcaster on January 31, Călin Georgescu said that the legionary leader Zelea Codreanu and Ion Antonescu did “good deeds” as well, but also deeds that he cannot comment on, but that he must prove historians ”.

Also, the honorary president of AUR also declared, regarding Codreanu and Antonescu, that “he cannot have opinions towards the martyrs” and that he “kneels before the Romanian people”. Georgescu also said that the Romanian people are not “anti-anything” in general, when asked about the Holocaust in Romania.

In the same televised intervention, speaking about the assassination of Nicolae Iorga and Armand Călinescu by order of the legionaries, Călin Georgescu, transmitted that “History is mystified”. At the same time, in a show on Realitatea Plus, from February 6, Călin Georgescu declared that “the legionaries are heroes of Romania”.

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