Criminal file opened on Unifarm’s acquisition of over 1 million non-compliant face masks

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Policemen conducted searches on Wednesday in a criminal file of fraud, abuse of office and forgery regarding the acquisition by Unifarm of 1.2 million face masks during the lockdown in Romania in the spring of last year.

According to judiciary sources, those 1.2 million face masks distributed to several hospitals in Romania were non-compliant and were subsequently withdrawn from the market after the medical staff had signaled those problems.

The Romanian Police also informed that a person would be taken to hearings by warrant in this case.

According to judiciary sources, the current file is probing into the acquisition by UNIFARM National Company of 1.2 million face masks from a private company during March-April 2020. The masks were distributed to several hospitals across the country, but they were withdrawn after the medical staff had warned the masks were non-compliant.
Moreover, an alert was issue on those masks at European level, due to their low filtration capacity.

Former Unifarm manager Adrian Ionel is criminally prosecuted by the anti-corruption prosecutors in two criminal records.

In early October, 2020, Adrian Ionel was sent to court by DNA in a file where he is charged with asking a EUR 760,000 bribe from the representatives of a private company in exchange of him assigning a procurement contract of protection equipment against COVID-19, more precisely 250,000 coveralls and 3 million surgical masks.

In early December, Adrian Ionel has been placed under judicial control pending trial in a second file related to public procurement during COVID-19 pandemic. Anti-corruption prosecutors say that he would have signed a RON 4.49 M contract to purchase 1.5 million face masks. Later on, only two days after the contract had been sealed, Ionel would have paid RON 3,599,988 to the company that was supposed to deliver the protection masks, representing a prepayment of the total value of the contract.

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