Criminal prosecution re-opened against former Gendarmerie chiefs in the August 10 file


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After anti-organized crime prosecutors had partially dismissed the August 10 case in mid-July this year, DIICOT has announced today that they have re-opened the criminal prosecution against the former Gendarmerie chiefs during the Diaspora rally on August 10, 2018.

So, the Colonel Gheorghe Sebastian Cucoş, first deputy chief of the Romanian Gendarmerie, major Laurenţiu Cazan, former director general of the Bucharest Gendarmerie, colonel Cătălin Sindile, former chief of the Romanian Gendarmerie will be further investigated for abusive conduct, aiding and abetting in intellectual forgery, complicity to abuse of office.

The solution of dismissing the case for other deeds is maintained.

The ordinance of re-opening the investigation against these former gendarme chiefs has been submitted to the Bucharest Court of Appeal and the file will be re-sent to the Prosecutor’s Office upon the High Court of Cassation and Justice- the Military Prosecutor’s Offices section.

We want to say that during the entire criminal trial the persons investigated in this file enjoy of the benefit of doubt and are entitled to the procedural rights envisaged by the Criminal Procedure Code,” reads a DIICOT press release.

DIICOT partially dismissed the August 10 file on July 16, arguing there is no evidence of a coup d’etat attempt, as the Romanian Gendarmerie had claimed in the complain filed at DIICOT, but, on the other hand, DIICOT argues that there is no evidence either that the repression of the protest has been premeditated, as part of the protester claimed.

The decision has prompted the rage of the civil society and of the protesters’ representatives, who have filed appeals right away.

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