Denunciations to DNA against Crin Antonescu, Mugur Isarescu, a prosecutor and a judge

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Several politicians, magistrates and local leaders were denounced on Monday morning to the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA). The complaint was filed by the ex-daughter-in-law of former Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) Virgil Măgureanu, reports.

Among the people denounced are former PNL leader Crin Antonescu (photo), BNR Governor Mugur Isarescu, Virgil Magureanu, and a senior prosecutor with the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Ilfov Court and a judge with the Bucharest Court.

Alina Măgureanu went to DNA where she filed several denunciations of some deeds occurred when she was Virgil Magureanu son’s wife.

According to the denunciation, Crin Antonescu is targeted by several corruption deeds similar to corruption committed both by him and his wife, MEP Adina Vălean, who bought from the Măgureanu’s son company a real estate, a penthouse located on the banks of Lake Herăstrău.

“Influence peddling targeted Andrei Chiliman, former District 1 mayor at the time, and Sorin Oprescu, former mayor of Bucharest. We have evidence,” said Alina Măgureanu’s lawyer.

The list of those against whom the complaints were filed includes Dragos Dobrescu – a businessman with interests in real estate, Elan Schwartzenberg – a businessman who has left Romania, the former husband of TV anchor Mihaela Radulescu, Carmen Daniela Dan – Prefect of Teleorman County, Mihai George – senior prosecutor and judge Elena Brânduşa Gheorghe.

The press release issued by Alina Măgureanu and Ghiulbenghian wears the heading of EurHONEST, a Foundation for Good Governance and Preventing Corruption, an NGO ran by Ghiulbenghian. He is a Mason, businessman owner of the Edmond network of exchange houses, but also revolutionary, informs.

Alina Măgureanu has also filed several complaints against her husband last fall, accusing him of domestic violence.

Crin Antonescu: It’s an aberration

PNL Senator Crin Antonescu has said he is shocked by the news of being accused by the former daughter in law of the ex-SRI head. “I hadn’t known, I find out now about this aberration, I don’t even know her. I haven’t met the lady, I know nothing about such things. This kind of accusations is aberrant and groundless,” Antonescu said for



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