DIICOT caught the biggest counterfeiter of plastic banknotes in the world

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The Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) prosecutors have caught the biggest counterfeiter of plastic banknotes in the world. He and his organized criminal group have forged over 17,000 banknotes of RON. DIICOT said there were the best fakes in Romania’s history.

Prosecutors have conducted 5 home searches in Bucharest and in Busteni town, Prahova county, in a case targeting the dismantling of an organized criminal group specialized in counterfeiting money.

In the spring of 2014, three people set up this organized criminal group in the view of forging banknotes and of releasing them into circulation. The group has been active till the present times. Following inquiries, prosecutors found out that the leader of the group had managed in a short period of time to produce the best money fakes in Romania’s history and to become the biggest counterfeiting of plastic banknotes in the world.

The prejudice in this case mounts to around RON 1.7 million.

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