DIICOT: Entities in Romania have become the target of complex cyber attacks


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DIICOT deputy chief prosecutor, Giorgiana Hosu said on Friday that some entities in Romania have become the target of complex cyber attacks, often seeking to obtain sensitive information, Agerpres informs.

“In the field of cybercrime there is an increasing technical approach of the evidence and in this context I want to stress once again that we are unable to obtain technical evidence related to the identification of the end-users’ access points within the GSM type communications or the data one, and we expect the lawmaker to deliver us a viable tool for combating this kind of technical crimes. Cyber attacks by overcoming security measures have evolved, as we found out during our investigations, on modification of computer data, on disrupting the operation of information systems and certain entities of Romania have become the target of complex cyber attacks, often aiming to obtain sensitive information,” said Hosu, during the presentation of DIICOT balance sheet for 2014.

The DIICOT deputy chief showed that terrorist offenses and the offences against state security were assessed periodically in collaboration with SRI on vulnerabilities arising from the setting up of the Islamic State group and appearance of the “foreign fighter” phenomenon.

Hosu stressed that the DIICOT activity against this phenomenon was conducted in close cooperation with SRI, as the national authority for preventing and combating terrorism.

Regarding tax evasion, the DIICOT deputy said that it remained in an aggressive line, a very common method being the setting up of ghost companies.

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