Director of Rahova penitentiary hospital charged, four employees detained and other four under house arrest in violence case against inmates

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Update: Four employees of the Rahova penitentiary hospital have been detained and other four are under house arrest in a violence case against inmates.

The director of the Rahova penitentiary hospital is investigated for having aggressed several inmates. Prosecutors have taken him for hearings on Wednesday, alongside other 18 employees of the hospital, following searches conducted at the penitentiary hospital on Wednesday.

The director has been charged, while eight employees have been detained for 24 hours. Four of those under custody risk being placed under preventive arrest.

A doctor of the penitentiary hospital is investigated under judicial control for abuse of office and abetment in crime.

The charges are of mistreatment, assault and other violence, forgery, abetment in crime and influencing the statements. The crimes would have been committed two, three and even four years ago.

As for the forgery charge, certain medical records would have been forged precisely not to reveal the wounds the inmates would have suffered following the beats applied by the penitentiary hospital’s employees.

The investigation started from four inmates who filed complaints and disclosed the beating endured while being admitted in the penitentiary’s hospital.

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