DNA asks for new Senate’s go ahead to prosecute ex-Interior minister Oprea


The National Anti-corruption Directorate on Wednesday has asked for a new Senate’s go ahead to prosecute former Interior minister Gabriel Oprea in the case of the ex-head of the Department for Intelligence and Internal Protection (DGIPI), senior Police quaestor Nicolae Gheorghe.

Anti-corruption prosecutors are accusing Oprea of abuse of office in the file where former DGIPI head is also charged with complicity to abuse of office in continued form and two deeds of embezzlement in continued form.

Prosecutors argue that on July 13th, 2015 Gabriel Oprea, as Interior minister, with the help of Nicolae Gheorghe, as secretary of state within DGIPI and Pavel Nicolae, head of the DGIPI’s legal department, allotted RON 410,000 for the DGIPI’s operative expenses and approved the purchase of a Audi A8 vehicle for the dignitaries’ protection.

Investigators say that the Interior minister exclusively used the Audi A8 car during August-October 2015, while the purchase of the car broke the legal provisions, which restrict such investments out of the operative funds of the Interior minister strictly to criminal prosecution actions of the corruption crimes.

Therefore, by allowing the purchase, Oprea would have caused a prejudice of RON 410,000 to the state budget.

In retort, Gabriel Oprea, chairman of UNPR and senator, said that he is innocent, while the suspicion invoked by the prosecutors in the new prosecution  request is unfounded. However, he stated that magistrates have the duty to clear up the case.

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