DNA asks for Presidency’s go-ahead to prosecute Gabriel Oprea for policeman’s death

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Anti-corruption prosecutors asked Romania’s President to Ok the prosecution for culpable homicide against former Interior Gabriel Oprea. The request is made after Oprea has resigned from the Senate and the resignation was published in the Official Gazette.

The Senate vetoed the prosecution go-ahead against Oprea about a month ago.

Subsequently, Oprea resigned from the Parliament, so prosecutors came with a new request to investigate him, addressed to President Iohannis, according to the ministerial responsibility law.

The Presidency’s spokesperson Madalina Dobrovolschi confirmed the Prosecutor General’s request to prosecute Gabriel Oprea had arrived at Cotroceni. “The President is to come to a decision,” the spokesperson said.

The new charge of culpable homicide is related to the death of police officer Bogdan Gigina last year. Ex-Interior minister Oprea is already investigated in this case for abuse of office.

The Romanian president criticized the Senate for repeatedly rejecting the DNA requests: “I am very sad that the Senate, after many discussions, has not understood what it is about, the senators voted following party orders, there are senators with an open anti-justice speech, it is outrageous.”

“Parliament should not vote on guilt or innocence of a member, this is established only in court,” Iohannis said.

The Head of State urged the citizens to vote in elections for parties with no criminally investigated politicians on their lists, saying it’s their responsibility to change them.

4,000 people protested in Bucharest against the vote in Gabriel Oprea’s case and against the senate, for the vote to save Oprea from prosecution in policeman Bogdan Gigina’s death file.

Other protests took place in Cluj, Iasi and Constanta.

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