DNA chief Kovesi: Ponta was summoned to the DNA several days ago, without regard to the censure motion. Premier claims was summoned on Thursday


The chief prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) Laura Codru?a Kovesi said on Friday that Prime Minister Ponta was summoned to the DNA several days ago, saying that the criminal prosecution against him has no connection with the filing of the censure motion.

“Some information, clues and evidence were obtained after administrating the means of evidence, in late April, on certain offenses of which the premier is suspect. Prosecution in rem has started in early May. So it is a very short period of time from the moment they obtained certain information and to one to issue the order to perform further prosecution.”

Also asked if it’s just a coincidence that Victor Ponta was summoned to the DNA on the very day that the Liberal motion of censure was filed to Parliament, Kovesi said that prosecutors do their job and not just check what happens in the public environment.

“Prosecutors do their jobs. They have 7,000 files to work on, there are only 86 prosecutors involved. We do not check what happens in public. We manage the evidence according to the days and time we have to manage the evidence. Citing was done legally, several days ago, it has no connection with the filing or not of any motions, so it’s a coincidence. Prosecutors simply do their job,” added Kovesi.

Ponta: What Kovesi says is untrue, I was quoted Thursday afternoon to come to DNA


Prime Minister Victor Ponta says he was summoned by phone Thursday afternoon, at 16.15h, to report to the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) and thus shows that the information conveyed by the DNA chief prosecutor Laura Codru?a Kovesi is untrue.

“I mention that I was summoned by phone at government headquarters yesterday afternoon by prosecutor Jean Uncheselu at 16.15h! (I am convinced that there are records in this regard and phone recordings). I regret that the information provided by Mrs. Chief Prosecutor Kovesi public is untrue!” Ponta wrote on Facebook.

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