DNA: Former Energy Minister Constantin Nita, indicted for influence peddling

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Anticorruption prosecutors indicted former PSD Energy Minister Constantin Nita, under judicial control on bail, on charges of influence peddling, informs the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) in a press release.

DNA prosecutors seized last week part of the wealth of former Energy Minister Constantin Nita, in a file in which he is accused of influence peddling.

The seizure was made on goods in amounts of EUR 30,000 and RON 300,000 which Constantin Nita is accused of having received illegally.

Prosecutors accuse Constantin Nita of influence peddling. He allegedly asked a businessman for a 5% commission of a contract with a city hall. He allegedly received some of the money, EUR 30,000 from the businessman in a Lebanese restaurant. Also, through a fictitious agreement concluded in 2013, the representatives of the businessman had paid a firm indicated by Constantin Nita the amount of RON 300,000 in the period May 2013-June 2014, prosecutors say.

The money was used for expenditures of the county party organization, upon Constantin Nita’s request.

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