DNA posts protest message on its website: Institution at risk to be blocked by the GEO on justice laws


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The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) has joined the magistrates’ protests against the emergency ordinance amending the justice laws, posting the following message on their website: „DNA – institution at risk to be blocked by the GEO 7/2017. The fight against high-level corruption risks being paralysed”.

Anti-corruption prosecutors have also decided to endorse the Prosecutor’s Office’s request to notify the Ombudsman over the GEO and to file a notification themselves to GRECO in order to explain to what extent GEO 7 will affect the independence of the investigations.

DNA prosecutors displayed this message within the General Assembly convened today.

The Romanian anti-corruption body has also decided to endorse the decision by the Section for prosecutors within the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), namely to oppose the amendments operated by GEO 7, which are not constitutional and will block the activity of the Prosecutor’s Office, including the one of the DNA.

DNA prosecutors will send an open letter to the Justice minister to explain the way to proceed with the appointment of the DNA section chief prosecutor in the upcoming 22 days, the deadline left until assignments expire, considering that the assignment for these positions is not possible anymore following GEO 7. Anti-corruption prosecutors will also notify GRECO and MONEYVAL within the Council of Europe over GEO 7, to inform them that the ordinance will affect on the efficiency of the criminal prosecution bodies on the crimes related to corruption and money laundering.

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