DNA requests the arrest of three Oltenia Energy Complex executives

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The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors have requested the preventive arrest of three members of the Oltenia Energy Complex management in a file of abuse of office.

The CEO and two other executives are accused of unlawfully approving and granting a financial compensation of RON 128,000.

According to a DNA release, the defendants intentionally overlapped various laws and facts in order to create confusion and give an appearance of legality of their actions.

The company’s situation has been critical for quite some time, with administrators announcing a restructuring programme which led to job cuts and the employees’ strikes.

The Oltenia Energy Complex has recorded the largest debts to the state in H1 2015, this being the reason for starting the repo proceedings, according to data published on the ANAF website. The largest outstanding payments were the ones to the social security budget, of over RON 14.5 million on June 30, 2015. Also, the outstanding obligations to the state budget amounted to RON 5.7 million, to the health insurance budget RON 4 million, and to the unemployment insurance budget RON 572,000, hotnews.ro reports.
Last year, CE Oltenia recorded a loss of almost RON 700 million. The Director of CE Oltenia, Laurentiu Ciurel, is prosecuted in the Turceni-Rovinari file, along with Prime Minister Victor Ponta and former minister Dan Sova, being accused by the DNA prosecutors of bringing damages to the company of RON 2.7 million.

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