DNA sends Tel Drum, two businessmen to court for embezzlement of EU funds

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Tel Drum company and businessmen Petre Pitis and Mircea Visan-as representatives of the company- have been indicted by the National Anti-corruption Directorate in the file regarding the European funds embezzlement, where the prejudice mounts to over EUR 1 million.

The company allegedly controlled by the ruling Social Democrat Party chairman Liviu Dragnea, alongside the two businessmen, have been sent to court for using or presenting false, inaccurate or incomplete documents and statements in bad faith, if the deed results in obtaining undue European funds, with extremely serious consequences, DNA says in a press release.

Two weeks ago, the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors have ordered a change in legal classification in the sense of retaining the aggravated form of the initial offenses and the launching of a criminal action against Tel Drum and its representatives in this file.

In the same file are also investigated Florian Neda, representative of Tel Drum, Florian Ion, representative of WFA Impex SRL, as well as WFA Impex SRL.

According to the DNA, on May 16, 2017, the notification from the National Office for the Prevention and Control of Money Laundering was registered regarding the suspicions regarding the activity of some companies, which during the year 2016 allegedly have used a scheme for illegally obtaining European funds by overvaluing the price of some equipment.

According to the DNA, the company Tel Drum SA would have unjustly obtained the amount of RON 4,849,375, representing the eligible non-reimbursable expense from European funds. The Ministry of European Funds is civil party with the amount of RON 4,849,375.

The case was sent for judgment at the Bucharest Tribunal, with prosecutors proposing that sequester against the company should be maintained.

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