DNA starts criminal investigation on FRF-Piturca contract annulment. The former national coach did not pay damages


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The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) has started the criminal investigation in rem on the annulment of the contract between the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) and former national team coach Victor Piturca, as the former coach did not pay damages.

“At this moment the criminal prosecution in rem has started, meaning that investigations are being carried out to establish guilt and to identify those responsible for committing criminal deeds,” DNA says.

FC Universitatea Craiova owner Adrian Mititelu, said on Wednesday that he is the one who filed to the DNA a complaint against the FRF President R?zvan Burleanu related to the termination of the contract with former coach Victor Piturca, stating that it is abuse of office in this case.

Former national football team coach Victor Piturca resigned from the Romanian national team on October 16, 2014 and did not pay any compensation. DNA is investigating the issue, and Razvan Burleanu, FRF president, confirms the investigation.

Invited to Digisport on Tuesday evening, Razvan Burleanu said that DNA is investigating how the former national coach has left from the national team.

“I know that DNA is investigating Victor Piturca’s departure from the national team. I haven’t been called to DNA, I don’t have more information,” said the FRF president for Digi Sport.

Piturca had a clause in the contract according to which he had to pay EUR 500,000 in case he quits. Although this happened (the former coach went to Saudi Arabia to coach Al-Ittihad), Victor Piturca did not pay any compensation.

DNA investigation allegedly began after a complaint made by a group of Universitatea Craiova football team supporters. They accuse Burleanu to have terminated the deal with Piturca without the approval of the FRF Executive Committee.

The FRF Executive Committee members did not vote in the meeting of October 27, 2014 the termination of the contract with former coach Victor Piturca, the decision to put an end to the collaboration with the technician had not been submitted for approval, but it was assumed by FRF President R?zvan Burleanu.

On October 27, 2014, the football federation president stated that FRF was not prejudiced by the termination of the contract with Victor Piturca. “If you have legal knowledge, the damage can only be estimated and but it can only be determined by court. In any case the federation was not prejudiced. I assure you that all proceedings in regard to the termination of the contract with Victor Piturca were observed. This termination is in the interest of Mr. Piturca, but also in the interest of the Romanian football,” said Razvan Burleanu at the time.

Some sport specialists blame the entire issue on the former FRF President Mircea Sandu, who had drawn the contract with the former national team coach Victor Piturca, a contract with clauses favourable only for the latter.

In June 2013 Victor Piturca was sentenced by the High Court of Cassation and Justice (Supreme Court) to one year in jail, suspended sentence, in the ‘Suitcase’ file, along with Steaua financier Gigi Becali, Teia Sponte and others. If convicted in another file, Victor Piturca is to get an executory sentence to swerve in jail.

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