DNA’s request to place Elena Udrea under judicial supervision denied, she is free to leave the country

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Bucharest Court of Appeal have dismissed on Friday the request submitted by the anti-corruption prosecutors to place Elena Udrea under judicial supervision and to ban her from leaving the country, after she had been sentenced to 8 years in prison this week.

Therefore, the former Tourism and Development minister is free to leave the country if she wants to.

Udrea came to the hearing at the Court of Appeal today, saying she has no intention to leave the country and that she trusts that her sentence will be revised by the high court. She announced she will appeal and that she will win.

“I came back from Costa Rica willingly, I will not go anywhere else, as I assumed to come and live in Romania”, she said. Udrea slammed the prison sentence arguing it is also impacting on her child.

“The sentence was also against a 2-year-old child, why should she pay after all these years”.

Two days ago Elena Udrea has been sentenced to eight years in prison for corruption in the file related to the 2009 electoral campaign financing.

The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) argued that Udrea should be placed under judicial control, to be restricted from leaving the country, considering her history as a fugitive. Udrea fled Romania in 2018 before the Supreme Court pronounced a final ruling in the “Bute Gala” file, with an APB being placed against her.

Udrea was found in Costa Rica, where she stayed in jail for two months. She was eventually released and came back to Romania several months later.

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  1. King Von Bee says

    This only emphasises how rotten in corruption the Romanian justice system is. It seems that the National Anti-corruption Directorate is helpless ! :(( What a pity for these prosecutors’ work ! 🙁 Instead of the justice system, rotten in jail should be the corpse of this fugitive cu*t. Please do not abandon your years’ hard work, DNA ! ! !

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