Documents taken by DNA from PNL and PSD Prahova in Hertanu file

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Documents regarding sponsorships received by PNL and PSD Prahova during 2011-2015 were taken on Thursday by the DNA Ploiesti prosecutors in the corruption file involving PM Ponta’s brother in law, Iulian Hertanu.
The DNA Ploiesti prosecutors went on Thursday to the PNL and PSD headquarters in Prahova and requested, based on official letters, documents on sponsorships received from the two branches.
Interim PNL Prahova co-President, Senator Ion Luchian, said the DNA representatives requested documents on sponsorships received during 2011-2015 and that these documents were made available to investigators.
Judicial sources said the DNA request for these documents was made in the file investigating, along with others, PM Ponta’s brother in law Iulian Hertanu accused of setting up an organized criminal group and European funds embezzlement. In the same file other persons are investigated including MPs Sebastian Ghita, Vlad Cosma and the Prahova County Council President Mircea Cosma, accused of supporting the criminal group.

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