Dorina Gon?, the head of the officers of the court and three others, arrested for tax evasion

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The Bucharest Court of Appeal ruled preventive arrest for 30 days in the file of Dorina Gon?a, the head of the officers of the court, and Radu Abagiu, Adrian Mihai and Ciprian Nistor, who are accused in a file of tax evasion where the damage amounts to about EUR 3 million.
The head of the Chamber of Officers of the Court Dorina Gon? and businessman Ciprian Nistor as well as the other two defendants may appeal the decision within 48 hours of notification.
Police and prosecutors have laid restraint on accounts of some companies and some buildings.
Dorina Gon?a is suspected of rolling the fees through phantom companies in view of avoiding to pay taxes to the state.
The mechanism by which the Romanian state has been damaged is simple, the main rollers being several phantom companies, the same source reports.
Dorina Gon?a is suspected of transferring large sums of money in the accounts of several phantom companies from which allegedly had purchased electronics and consultancy. The money has been directed to offshore companies in Cyprus and Seychelles controlled by businessman Ciprian Nistor. Subsequently, the money was withdrawn by him and invested in real estate and land in Romania.
Dorina Gon? is one of the most well known officers of the court in Bucharest. She is known for cashing huge fees from ministries or state companies. Allegedly she cashed in EUR 600,000 from the Ministry of Transport for the recovery of debts from CFR (Romanian Railway Company). Other fees were paid by the Ministry of Education, Electrica SA, the District 2 city hall and DISTRIGAZ.

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