Dozens of searches in Timis County, persons suspected of distributing counterfeit euros

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A total of 46 searches have taken place on Thursday morning in Timis County to persons suspected of having distributed hundreds of thousands of counterfeit euros on the market in western Romania, banknotes of 50 euros. Judicial sources say the money was purchased from a factory of counterfeit money in Oradea.
The DIICOT – Timisoara Territorial Service prosecutors, together with judicial police officers with the Organised Crime Brigade, conducted on Thursday morning 46 house searches in Timis County to dismantle an organized crime group specialized in placing counterfeit values on the market.
Starting November 2014 hitherto, the criminal group acted in Timis County with criminal purposes in the field of counterfeiting currency, as counterfeit EUR 50 banknotes were found on the market.
According to DIICOT, the investigations revealed that the counterfeit banknotes were obtained by some members of the group through a connection for counterfeit banknotes in Italy.

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